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Category: Power Plant Operation and Maintenance

The steam surface condenser is the largest heat exchanger in a power plant. Hence the quality of the tubing within the condenser is critical for reliable operation of the plant. Steam turbine condensers play a critical role in the efficiency and performance of power plants, particularly in steam power generation. However, they are not without […]

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How to Improve Energy Effciciency in Boilers

Energy Efficiency is one of the major pillars towards achieving g Net-Zero by reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emission and thereby Global Warming. Hence it is of utmost importance that Boilers must be periodically tested for their performance assessment and compared with the design performance. Corrective actions to be taken by implementing cleaner technologies, Fuel […]

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Steam Turbine problems & solutions

By Bibek Roy Chartered Engineer, Power plant expert, BEE Certified Energy auditor, CII Certified carbon Foot Print auditor, Lead auditor EHSMS & ISO 9001, Environmentalist Are you facing following problems in your steam turbine? High exhaust steam temperature Hot well condensate high temperature Not achieving correct vacuum corresponding to turbine load Deteriorating condenser vacuum High […]

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Coal analysis & it's importance in coal based power plants

Proximate & Ultimate Analysis of Coal A.0. Introduction Coal is an extremely complex material but it is the main fuel for power plants. Hence it becomes necessary to devise acceptable methods for coal analysis in the hope that it would be possible to correlate coal composition and coal properties with coal behavior. B.0. Proximate analysis […]

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Introduction: Gas turbine (GT) combined cycle or simple cycle (SC) power plants are very efficient and clean way of power generation. Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP) are the most efficient power plants in the world. Efficiency of GT CCPP is as high as 65% in modern heavy-duty gas turbines. Combined cycle power plant […]

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Phosphate Hide out

Objective How to avoid “phosphate hide out” in the boiler drum water in power plants. Boiler Drum water treatment In order to maintain the water steam cycle chemistry in power station boilers, a numbers of chemical treatment are adopted. In the power station boilers when the unit is synchronized concentration of minerals increases in the […]

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Practical Guide For Managing Major Overhauling of Power Plants

Preface The primary purpose of the periodic Major/ Medium overhauls in any power station is to ensure continuous generation of electricity reliably by reducing the ‘Mean Time between Failure (MTBF)” of all major equipment significantly. Major shutdowns in any power company/ production company contributes for a significant part to total planned outage. This procedure is […]

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