SIX Simple But Effective Ways to Make Your CV / Resume Stand Out from the crowd.

Bibek Roy

Resume / CV being most important part for landing in a dream job.

If Resume/CV is not developed in a correct way, employer or recruiters will put it under the heap of resumes/CVs or to a waste bin.

To help out thousands of aspirants in their professional field, I started this joouney to help out by teaching "How to build 4-pack irresistible Resume/CV".

I have coached more than 100 professionals as career coach & life coach. And all of them are very much settled in best industries in India & abroad.

I have interviewed more than 1000 professionals in my career spanning 34 years in industries, as head of plants in India & abroad.

I have reviewed more than 6000 Resume/CVs and researched on the Resumes/CVs.

Here is the 6 simple but effective ways to make your resume/CV stand out of crowd:

  1. Start strong & bold. Align your objective with the skill set requirement by the employer.
  2. Read the job description (JD) in the advertisement carefully. Review the JD repeatedly. Showcase your skills in line with the JD.
  3. Pitch your experience as a road map. Your professional experience is most important that can stand alone. (Though skill sets also important)
  4. Never copy & paste from downloaded resumes/CVs. Use your brain to what you want to show case.
  5. Your English must be correct. Use of grammar is important. Use of correct word & sentence are also equally important. Wrong sentence will send completely different meaning to the employer.
  6. Finally use your achievements as a strategy to stand out from the crowd.

Start to ptrepare an irresistible resume/CV now itself and place yourself in the orbit of success.

Bibek Roy
An experienced power plant professional having more than 34 years of experience in India & abroad. Certified Lead auditor for QMS, EHSMS. Certifed Energy auditor from BEE. A trainer, coach and auditor. An evangelist for sustainability.


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