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It Is "Life Transformation Engineering"

What makes a fruit World class?

Certainly, the breed of the tree producing the fruit.

But deep into the creation, it is the quality of the seed which makes the fruit world class, because the tree producing the fruit is World class.

However, this is not the end of the whole journey for the world class fruit.

No doubt that before germination of the seed, the deciding factors for the plant to come up are:

  1. Quality of the soil. If not prepared correctly, prepare the soil correctly.
  2. Hedging around the seed is necessary in order to be destructed prematurely.
  3. Watering the seed regularly will ensure that it will germinate.

Now if you compare above fruit with your achievement, the tree is yourself and the seed your thought process, you will easily understand that it is essential that you must continue to Dream & Aim high enough and never compromise this attitude.

The “Negative barriers” will always be in your path. These are mostly self-imposed barriers or called ‘Internal barriers”.

Barrier of mind


INTERNAL BARRIER-1- People & situation will distract you

Don’t listen to anybody as long as you are dreaming and aiming high, because people & situation will distract you and divert you.

Be steady and firm on your track.

INTERNAL BARRIER-2 – Healthy mind cannot live in unhealthy body

You all know that health is wealth. But in all practicality, when it comes to maintain and upgrade your health, how many of you do regularly? Not a large chunk of population.

During the daily journey of your life, most of you forget that the vehicle on which you are travelling needs proper care and preparedness.

You might have many reasons, for not doing regular exercise, but the fact is that you are under control of your “Mind” which tells you that “Don’t do exercise, because that is painful, instead have some fun or party”.

But if you don’t listen to your mind and activate your intellect, you will always find a way to do the ‘Right thing first”.

Hence keep aside time for your health everyday and make a commitment.

Your exercise should include some Aerobics, Yoga & Pranayama. This is one of the best combinations I have found myself.

 I am practicing the above combination since past 20 years and the result is amazing!!

Don’t forget that a healthy body is the house of healthy Dream & vibrant mind.

INTERNAL BARRIER-3 – Time wasted cannot be Recycled & Re-used

All of you are very much aware of this aspect, but very less persons are practically give importance to Time Management.

If you are not able to Manage your time you are half lost.

God has given all of us same time in a day and in this regard, God has not done any biasness.

It is effective time management which will decide whether you will be winner or a loser.

Let us start with an example, like waking up in the morning for exercise or morning walk. You set the alarm at 6 O’clock. When alarm starts ringing, you press the alarm to shut and continue with your sleep.

You lost the very first game of the day!! You have not honored your commitment and you are already late during whole day.

Hence it is essential that you must keep your first commitment of the day and thereby keep your entire days’ time management in place.

This will also give you enough opportunity for sparing time with family and self-development.

INTERNAL BARRIER-4 – Mr. Procrastination is dangerous

Don’t let “Mr. Procrastination” control your actions and in turn achievements. Procrastination is a deadly habit and this will stop all your proactive efforts and bring you on Standstill condition.

Procrastination is “Putting things OFF intentionally or habitually”.

The symptom of procrastination is you will try to do less important works when you are supposed to do more important & meaningful works.

The moment you meet Mr. Procrastination, challenge him with your “Logical conclusion game”- it is a game which if you play will lead you towards a decisive conclusion.

Please remember that if you have done all the requisite home work and you have all the related data about your endeavor, then put them in your logic ladder & finally conclude.

You will never meet Mr. Procrastination in your way of achievement.

INTERNAL BARRIER-5 – I don’t know about my Unique Abilities (UA) & Passion

In order to keep yourself solidly on the advancement track, you need to discover your Unique Abilities (UA).

Unique Abilities are the skills which you acquired over the time and with experience.

When you discover your QAs you will find that you work with your natural ability and efficiently.

Passion is not exactly UA.

Best definition of passion is “Passion is what gives you boundless energy, intense almost single-minded focus and the willpower to overcome even the most daunting obstacle”

Finding passion is very important in life. At one point you have to slowdown ask yourself “What ignites my mind most?” & “What makes me most creative?”- Answer of these two questions will lead you to find your passion.

Working with Passion


Finally celebrate your success by involving others. Involving others means those persons who have contributed to your success in any form. Give them the big hand. And try to part of their success story also.

Be happy and satisfied in your life by removing the negative barriers.

Happiness is a state of mind, it can be emotion also. Happiness is a combination of positive emotions like pride, contentment, Joy.

Satisfaction is also a state of mind, but it is mainly related to your success after getting the desired result.

Satisfaction can dimmish over time but the happiness will continue to be with you !!

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Author: Bibek Roy

“Life transformation engineer”

Bibek Roy
An experienced power plant professional having more than 34 years of experience in India & abroad. Certified Lead auditor for QMS, EHSMS. Certifed Energy auditor from BEE. A trainer, coach and auditor. An evangelist for sustainability.


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