Finally, I got divorced ----

Bibek Roy

Yes, finally I got divorced from my dreaded negative habit PROCASTINATION in 2002.

I filed the case in my own mind’s courtroom & was fought for two years.

During my career from 1995 to 2001, I was totally under the grip of this dreaded habit.

This my own case study & this is how it started----

Whenever I saw a new job opening & in a higher position, I hold myself and pull myself back from applying!!—Why ?

Here is the volley of questions I used to ask to myself every time before applying:

  1. It looks that I am fit for the position, but what happen if I fail?
  2. Do I have sufficient skill to prove myself in this position?
  3. Why should I leave my present job? I am well settled in present position and present place since past 5 years.
  4. If something goes wrong with the company in future, how can I manage my family?
  5. How my friends & other people will see me if I fail in the higher position?

 Above are some standard sets of questions we tend to ask ourselves before embarking on any proactive action.

All questions mentioned above when repeatedly asked to self, are the symptoms of “Procrastination” and “Inaction”.

Procrastination definition, the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.

After two years of self-study & going deep into my thinking model, I discovered that “Inaction” or in other words “Lack of action on my plan” is the root cause of the whole problem.

Once Inaction fertilizer is there in the mind then procrastination tree grows up fast......

This is how I started to take action-----

Hence, I started to fight against my dreaded habit procrastination step-by-step & in a time-bound systematic manner. For long time I was thinking to start my MBA course, but somehow due to same dreaded habit, I stalled the process of admission.


again some volley of questions, like:

  1. Can I complete MBA course in time?
  2. I have seen the course & some of the subjects I have never come across.
  3. How can I get coach/ support for the new subjects?
  4. If I fail to complete on time, I have to pay additional amount & if still not able to pass, then my course duration will be over & I shall loose considerable amount, which I shall pay for the course.

So forth & so on. Finally, no action!!

This time, while fighting with dreaded habit Procrastination I took the first step by taking admission in MBA & taken this as a challenge to complete on time at any cost.

My above resolution worked. When I started to appear in the examinations & got success by passing one by one papers, I doubled my effort!!

Taking cue from the from the above action, I started taking actions on my career progress.

I confidently started applying for higher positions in different companies & finally I landed in a foreign company as Project head.

I stopped procrastinating and after checking all the employment conditions & evaluating the challenge in the position, I joined within one month.

I started getting success by working smart in the position & finally succeeded to complete the project on time.

Thereafter I never looked back and took my career up & up.

My divorce with dreaded habit paid finally!!

Image courtesy: wikiHow

I continued to study new aspects of projects and worked hard. That’s called action on time (AOT).

Based on my personal experience I coached & mentored a number of professionals since past 10 years & more, who were in the grip of procrastination habit.

They finally divorced procrastination and put themselves in the orbit of success (OOS).

Bibek Roy
An experienced power plant professional having more than 34 years of experience in India & abroad. Certified Lead auditor for QMS, EHSMS. Certifed Energy auditor from BEE. A trainer, coach and auditor. An evangelist for sustainability.


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