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Author: Rajesh Patil
Coal analysis & it's importance in coal based power plants

Proximate & Ultimate Analysis of Coal A.0. Introduction Coal is an extremely complex material but it is the main fuel for power plants. Hence it becomes necessary to devise acceptable methods for coal analysis in the hope that it would be possible to correlate coal composition and coal properties with coal behavior. B.0. Proximate analysis […]

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Phosphate Hide out

Objective How to avoid “phosphate hide out” in the boiler drum water in power plants. Boiler Drum water treatment In order to maintain the water steam cycle chemistry in power station boilers, a numbers of chemical treatment are adopted. In the power station boilers when the unit is synchronized concentration of minerals increases in the […]

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Boiler water Phosphate Treatment – very important to save generation losses

Introduction Phosphate treatment is adopted in the boiler drum to avoid the scale on the metal surfaces, in power plant boilers, which are operating with medium to high pressure & temperature. It is well known that when the pressure and temperature of boiler drum increases, solubility of dissolved minerals decrease. This phenomenon is the prime […]

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